Measuring the Success of Your Initiatives
"If you Measure Your EDO, it can Improve"
The work doesn’t end when we deploy your marketing strategy. Atlas continually tracks your campaign and optimizes each component to maximize performance. Your account manager and media planner will meet with you monthly to discuss campaign performance and provide an overview of analytics.

Analytics, Optimization, Metrics Dashboard

Once your website and campaign are launched, Atlas offers continued service, including Google website analytics, Leftronic dashboard performance metrics, and more.
In addition to the breadth and depth of analysis Atlas can conduct through Google Analytics, we also utilize mouse tracking to further analyze website visitor behavior. We can successfully analyze where users are clicking on your website, where they are from, time spent on your site, and more, and then display the results to you in either a “confetti” image or a heat mapping image. Insights gained from this type of analysis lead to concrete website improvements that are relevant and appealing to your audiences, and add tremendous value to the website.